Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wayne State Eliminates Women's Hockey

Sorry to see that Wayne State University in Detroit is dropping its women's hockey program, the only such Division I program in the state of Michigan, just three years after the death knell sounded for the Warrior's men's hockey program. Cost was cited as the overriding factor - and securing a consistent home arena was always a problem for both Warrior programs over the years - but this latest move is still a blow to college hockey, nonetheless.

An online petition has been inaugurated in an effort to save the program:

I was living in Michigan when both WSU hockey programs got their respective starts in the fall of 1999, and remember all the excitement and anticipation that surrounded their additions to the Division I ranks at the old Michigan Fairgrounds. Just a dozen years later and they're both gone, like the University of Findlay programs before them.

So long, Green and Gold.

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