Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sioux Name Story Not Over Just Yet

Looks like proponents of the Fighting Sioux nickname at the University of North Dakota aren't going away just yet. The Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe and Archie Fool Bear recently filed a federal lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which had previously ruled that North Dakota had to retire the Fighting Sioux logo and nickname if it wanted the ability to host any NCAA Championships.

Many people want the name to stay. Others want it gone. I'd personally like it to remain, although I can also see how some could be offended by it. The NCAA still looks hypocritical in chastising UND for its nickname and logo, when Florida State employs a white actor in war paint riding a horse into Doak Campbell Stadium before Seminole football home games, who then hurls a flaming spear into the turf in Tallahassee, Fla. Not that it has anything to do with FSU making (lots of) money for the NCAA, I'm sure.

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